Initial Infographic

My topic for this info graphic is what are the top favorite genres of music. This will require some research around campus. I chose this category because I think it is interesting to see what peoples favorite music is. As I was doing research I saw some info graphics that gave me an idea of some cool ways that I think I can portray this topic.

Here is my Research:

My three versions of my hook are:

Music through out the generation
Top types of music.
What is the best music.


Monday Oct 5- Friday Oct 9: Research
Saturday Oct 10- Wednesday Oct14: Sketches
Thursday Oct 15- Saturday 16: Vecotrize Info graphic
Monday Oct 19- Wednesday Oct 21: Refine

Final Identity Logo

The goal of this project is to create a logo that defines the identity of me and is able to portray a feel of who I am and what I can accomplish as a graphic and web designer.

To accomplish this goal I began with a Facebook survey to understand more about what comes to mind when people think of me. Answers that came from the survey focused around drive and determination. With that I also really wanted to convey the idea of being a dynamic designer that can handle many different projects.

With ideas about what I wanted to communicate with the logo I began to research and focus what makes a logo successful. I found that having a concept behind the logo is really what made it successful. Logos need to communicate who or what the company is but in order to do that they need a big idea to grasp onto. Once idea was formed then the focus was on aesthetics of how the logo would look.

I wanted my logo to really fulfill this idea of thinking visually but also have a feel of drive behind them to accomplish a goal. To get that I focused on one of the basic tools of design and that is a pen. A pen is really where most things start in design. Actually physically drawing. As well as being a physical tool it is also a tool in illustrator, really one of the most notable tools in adobe illustrator.

Taking that and the idea of the mind as the source of ideas and thinking things out I came up with some sketches.


These are the logos that came from the process of thinking about and idea to sketching one out and then refining. I feel like each one of these logos address the problem of creating a visual identity very well.

The first logo puts a brain on a pen as the idea of that driving creativity instead of a hand holding it. The next logo focuses more on me but approaches it in a more abstract way. This shows the idea of creating visual interest and thinking about a problem visual. The last logo really focuses on the idea of having a direct goal and focus in design, hence using a cross hair like shape with a pen head in the center.

Some of the problems that really came from these logos were how to create some contrast to add a more dynamic feel to these logos. That was created with the subtle changes in color from the main colors to either grey or a subtle change in red as with the 2nd logo.


My favorite logo is the last logo because I feel like it really portrays the idea of being a designer that is focused and driven to create great work.


Identity project logos

For this weeks progress on the identity project I continued doing research to try and find what it was that would help me to create a personal logo.

Once I felt like I had seen enough of research I went to work sketching. I did a few sketches and then walked a way for a little bit to let my mind think about some concepts. The next day I went back to sketching and really tried to have some concept behind the logos. I focused on branding my self as a visual thinker. With that thought I found myself sketching things like thought bubbles, brains, pens and even some wifi looking icons.


From these sketches I sought some feed back from some friends and then started vectorized the ones that I liked. Here are the logos that I have come to. Thoughts would be appreciated. I am focusing on refining what I have as well as working on color.