Eugene-student business owner

Behind the scenes with Eugene: Eugene and me grew up together so their was a lot of laughter about memories. Some of those memories were about  how Eugene is a adrenaline junkie and would do wheelies on his bullet bike do 90 mph.

Since then eugene has calmed down a lot more and saved his adrenaline for the race track where he can really enjoy the speed of his bike.

Another aspect of the interview that isn’t shown is Eugene loves to tell lots of details about the story so we worked hard to get details but condensed the story.

Hands- Changing lives

Melanie and Jayde are coordinators for Hands- a volunteer program to interact with those who have special needs through art. They enjoy a rewarding association with those they help and those who show up to help them. Watch now to learn more about what they do to help keep this program running.

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Web Post Final Cut

BYU-Idaho American Journey

Jake oh who is originally from South Korea talks about what brought him to America. He also explains how he is developing his passions for graphic and web design. Jake enjoys playing table tennis and was able to connect with LDS Missionaries by playing with them.

Vox pop!

At BYU-Idaho there is always a lot of dating going on! It is something as mormons we do a lot. As a way to getting great dating ideas as well as have some fun we went around asking people what is the most creative Date they have ever planed or been on. Hope you all enjoy!